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Brisbane, Australia, Feb 2015.


WS Brisbane



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Two days intesive workshops dedicated to Butoh.

The fascinating post-war Japanese avant-garde dance has since it’s  very  beginning shaken the concept of dancing in itself.

The never stopping research in butoh has contaminated much of the contemporary theatre and found in Europe  a fertile basis for further development.

My workshops present a methodological approach to some of the principles of Butoh dance based on the direct teaching of masters Masaki Iwana, Akira Kasai, Min Tanaka, Yoko Murunoi , Daisuke Yoshimoto and my personal experienced practice as dancer and choreographer being an active butoh dancer myself over the last 10 years.

The complexity of Butoh is analyzed  in modular units of 10 hours ( two days).

Each unit constitutes a specific approach to one or two themes, a solid stretching-warm up session, followed by a series of dance exercises.There is a limit to the possibility to explain by written words something that is meant to be felt, physically and spiritually experienced.

Dancing butoh is a different experience indeed, that can be approached  by inexperienced people while being of great use for experienced ones

Imagination/perception as energy, body as matter, mind as awareness.

Those three elements are equally needed for dancing.

Butoh does train these three aspects, the power of body, the accuracy  and the freedom of imagination, the focus of awareness,

in order to achieve a different body status, to realize a transformation.

NEXT Workshop in OT 301 : 11/12 and 18/19 April 2015

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