King of spring- open air in Laren.

Pepe’s Gregoire atelier- 22 sept 2013-Laren

king laren 16

dance and concept -Stefano Taiuti

sculptures -Egon Schrama


Still Water

Salon de IJzerstaven, Amsterdam, 18/19/20 May 2013


dance and concept- Stefano Taiuti

installation -Egon Schrama


Dead ain’t bad

Room service-Kunsthaus Renania- Koln 7/13 nov. 2012

169434_220331514765576_1269086531_o (1)


King of spring 

Salon de IJzerstaven, Amsterdam, 20/21 september 2012

In the King of Spring a spring mattress found in the garbage becomes the royal dress of a mad king. Interacting with the sculptures of Egon Schrama, Stefano creates a mysterious garden in which transience meets permanence in the search of what is inherent to the human condition.


Primo movimento

premiered at Festival Teatri di Vetro, Rome 2011

In this enigmatic duo with a cello (Luca Tilli) Stefano is re-discovering movement form the basis: “Here I made myself a puppet to simple body processes – accumulation, limit, and finally, association. It came about revealing an emotional truth.”


Il Corpo Fisico

Theatre de Vanves, Ardanthé – Paris 2010

This work questions the perception of the self trough the body, along with its wonder of vitality and decay. What happens when the schematic representation of western medicine together with psychoanalysis are not sufficient? Stefano reveals layers of soul in layers of flesh and bones.



 Theatre Palladium, Rome 2011.

Raw and graphic – the other side of our  society of well-being. When a helicopter flies over the dancers, on a stage covered with soil, we  think of the wars, of the left behind and of the fading memories that always hold off somewhere underneath and make our silence guilty… Taiuti describe his work as “a piece where banality is recalled as a necessity to unveil what our  conscience  prefers to hide.” Crudo was a winner of the ZTL-Pro Prize at Festival Teatri di Vetro in Rome.


Oscar Dolls

Teatro India, Rome 2009

The rise and fall of a dictator.

Prize of public at Dante Cappelletti Festival, Rome 2009


D.N.A di n

atura assente

Festival Romaeuropa, Officine Marconi Theatre, Rome 2009



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  1. aja nijssen

    i like what i see on pictures and video, looking forward to see u perform life…

    June 11, 2014 at 12:30 pm

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