I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1967.

At age 21, without former experiences, I started to research in the field of mime and dance performance.

Through the years I trained with mime /dancer Adam Darius, with mime/dancer Lindsay Kemp, with Marcel Marceau, with Japanese mime/actor Hal Yamanouchi.

In absence of a performing school in  Rome, I chose to follow mime classes and workshops, while getting a bachelor degree in history of dance and mime, university la Sapienza, Rome.

I also practiced capoeira,yoga,qi qung, contemporary dance and improvisation.

At 25 I was working in street art festival in Italy and Europe-Certaldo – Avignon – Edinburg- Perigoux.

In 1994 I first saw a butoh dance performance by Masaki Iwana.

Since then I studied his method along 15 years, participating to his workshops in Italy and France.

In 2000 I co-founded the butoh dance collective Lios, organizing the international butoh festival  “Trasform’azioni” from 2000 to 2013.

I could then follow the teaching of  Yoko Murunoi, Ko Morobushi, Min Tanaka, Akira Kasai and Daisuke Yoshimoto in repeated stages and choreographed performances.

I danced in the Akira Kasai choreography “Eliogabalus”, in Min Tanaka piece “31 july”, in  Masaki Iwana piece “flowers drunken by the smell of blood”.

Butoh dance offered me a vision of a different body,  a different way to live the act of dancing and a breathless  range of  spiritual body experiences.

Those  experiences gathered  in a intense performing activity with   solo works presented in art galleries, theatres, urban interventions, clubbing and television.


From 1998 to 2004 I joined  Kitonb extreme theatre company ,as performer, creative consultant and physical-trainer.

In 2003 I founded the company Zeitgeist, producing and choreographing solos and group works with guest artists:

Animal Factory- teatro Furio Camillo- Rome

Only muscles and bones-Festival scatole sonore-Rome

Sibyll- teatro Furio Camillo- Rome

Butoh Punk opera- teatro Furio Camillo- Rome

Oscar dolls-prize of the audience-festival  dante cappelletti, teatro India-Rome.

D,n.a.-Romaeuropa festival-officine marconi-Rome.

Il corpo fisico ( The physical body )- festrival ardanthè.vanves-Paris.

Cause of decease-festival-la notte Bianca-Rome

Due volte ( Twice )-festival D10-. Rome

Crudo ( Raw)-prize ZTL-festival teatri di vetro-Rome

Primo Movimento-teatro Palladium. Rome

In 2011 I moved to Amsterdam where I’m now living.

Here I took part in several projects, performing:

King of spring- open atelier-Laren

Still water- salon de ijzerstaven- Amsterdam

Dead ain’t bad.- Kusnthaus Renania- Koln


Treibwolke .Kunsthous renania-Koln.

and teaching in:

OT 301 movement academy

Mc theatre


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